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I woke from flying dreams this morning, and they felt related to the passage of our Fathers. As I’ve described before, flying itself seems dream-related. So yesterday’s flight with friends was probably a catalyst for last night’s dreams too. Looking at pix from yesterday’s flight, it’s easy for me to see why flying and dreams can be so healing for me.

0054 Dreamscape

0054 Dreamscape

I can feel the refreshing air from the open window and I’m right back in Tripp over this Lompoc flower field. The colors, shapes and textures draw a deep nourishing breath of relaxation through my body and soul. I’m a child wandering that river bank.

0066 Quiet Hilltop

0066 Quiet Hilltop

I’m alone on a hill looking at the rusting water tank, strolling through the mustard flowers, and gazing out over the hills and valleys. And I’m a passing bird glancing at the lone figure.

0069 Crossing

0069 Crossing

The road across this creek evokes the sense of passage permeating my consciousness right now. Through the flow from one shore to another with Life all around.

0074 Greens

0074 Greens

Spring greens along our way filled my heart to overflowing with the healing joy of Life renewed. Climbing past the colors and shapes for the return home, the rolling hills hid our future in an inviting way.

0075 Here & Beyond

0075 Here & Beyond

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