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No Escape

Long ago when I lived a winter in the woods far from any towns and 10 miles from the nearest neighbor, it was a surprise to learn that hunters on snowmobiles enjoyed coming to that area for their riding and shooting. I felt sad to learn that there is no escape from “civilization.” Now of course, I love living in sunny Santa Barbara and have no desire to “escape.”

This place might have been built back when I was in the woods, and gradually upgraded to the lovely escape it is now.

1407 Geodesic Home

1407 Geodesic Home

I thought at first it was an observatory, but looking at the full-res pic now it’s clearly an especially creative private residence in this neighborhood on a ridge this side of Santa Monica.

1408 Mountain Escape

1408 Mountain Escape

That’s the dome house just below center. Just out of frame to the left on the ridge is another structure I find interesting.

1400 Communication Problem?

1400 Communication Problem?

How do the people who have built their homes so far above the city, feel about the graffiti on this communication tower? How does the owner of the facility feel about vandals apparently being undeterred by the razor wire? Since there are no other apparent attempts to prevent or paint out the tagging, is there some sort of detente in place? Is there any contact between the residents, taggers, and tower owners? I wonder what if anything the taggers’ form of expression has to do with their powerful need to communicate their inner feelings and creativity. Maybe similar to my motivations in snapping this pic and typing these thoughts atop this little “hilltop” I’ve claimed in cyberia.

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