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Most flights in the Santa Barbara region provide a bounty of panoramas. Sadly, few photos capture even a slice of this overwhelming beauty. Even so, I like these slices more than many I’ve snapped. Taking off from runway 15L, if air traffic is light sometimes I request a left crosswind shoreline departure that provides the panorama hinted at by this slice.

9529 Shoreline Departure

9529 Shoreline Departure

On this day ATC changed their mind and had me fly North toward the mountains, turning our side window panorama and providing this slice that crosses the first one.

9531 Turned Slice

9531 Turned Slice

Reaching the 101 freeway, ATC turned us again to fly East until the freeway winds toward the South. That offers yet another slice of paradise beyond the friendly municipal golf course.

9539 Paradise Slice

9539 Paradise Slice

As you probably know, having landed in every state and province North of Mexico, we still find our region the most beautiful and diverse. Even a few minutes aloft in this area provides a heart full of soul soothing scenes that these pix only hint at with serene slices.

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